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On the first visit, we will discuss your problems and desires, delve into your specific dental condition and explain the current situation based on an examination of the oral cavity and an X-ray image of the teeth. If you do not have an X-ray image or it is older than 6 months, we will do it for you at the same time.
We will introduce you to all possible treatment solutions, and fully explain their advantages and disadvantages. You will also receive a and financial plan for the therapy. It is important to us that the therapy plan is completely clear and that you are satisfied with your decision.

Paying for your dental work is easy with our hassle-free payment options. We accept all major credit cards, as well as your personal checks or cash.

Our office is proud to accept CareCredit, a third-party, low and no-interest financing program.  

From the functional and aesthetic point of view, the durability of dental work largely depends on the condition of the oral cavity, which is specific to the individual patient.
The cost of treatment thus depends on the complexity, the time required for treatment, the material used and many other factors.

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In 2017, I successfully completed my studies in dental medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. Since then, I have been consistently attending professional development courses both in Slovenia and abroad.


In my professional practice, I prioritize precision, reliability, and expertise. However, my utmost focus lies in establishing a strong patient-provider relationship and nurturing mutual trust, as I believe these are pivotal components of success in dentistry.

Anja Mesec

Dr. Dent. Med.

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