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Dental Implants are the optimal solution in case

of missing one or more teeth. Why is that so?

  • A dental implant prevents further loss of bone after extraction of the tooth. The biting forces that it transfers to the bone act stimulative and preserve its volume.

  • We avoid grinding healthy teeth which would “carry” a bridge

  • Implant gives a -natural tooth- feeling

  • Implant provides a normal function and normal hygiene.

  • Implant is a long-term solution. With properly planned therapy and good oral hygiene it has lifelong durability.⁎⸭



wishes and options





3 months waiting period


FInal work





1. First, we talk about your wishes and present solutions

We evaluate the situation and discuss possible solutions. An important part of the treatment planning is the 3D image of the jaw (CBCT) where the volume and density of the bone can be evaluated. In case of insufficiency there are additional solutions that will be presented to you.

2. Insertion of dental implants

The implant insertion procedure is done by a Dr. Specialist in Oral surgery and Implantology, with years of thorough experience in the field.

Only Straumann® dental implants are used in our practise because of their high quality and proven long term success.


3. Waiting period

We wait 3-6 months for the implants to integrate into the bone and be prepared for loading. During that time you are provided with a temporary solution. 

4. The production of the final dental work

The final work can be a single tooth on implant, a bridge on implants or an implant supported prosthesis (fixed or removable).

5. We take care of all our patients

by running a control program and assuring long term success.

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