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Your smile speaks a lot about you. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look like or if you do not feel confident enough to smile, it is time to take some actions. Technology has made it possible to transform your smile through different procedures.

Sometimes a small change can bring a big improvement.

Ceramic veneer is a very thin, custom made layer od ceramics , with a thickness of about 0.5mm, that is bonded to the frontside of front teeth. It can be made of different types of ceramics, depending of how much flexural strength, color translucency, shape transforming and other factors are needed in the particular case. This way we can change the shape and color of the teeth, we can close spaces between the teeth and protect teeth with damaged enamel. Besides the esthetic changes ceramic veneers bonded onto the enamel do strengthen the tooth. When conditions are adequate, we can also make veneers without grinding the teeth (no-prep veneers).

Veneers are a very durable and remarkably aesthetic solution which requires thorough planning and very precise work.

How we make veneers?

  1. Photoanalysis of your smile and thorough planning are mandatory phases before starting a smile transformation. First we make portrait photos, listen to your wishes, and we discuss different options to achiving them. The shape and configuration of the face, the shape of the lips, the gum line, also your personality, all of that must be taken into account when determining the shape, size and color of the new veneers.

  2. Trial veneers. A sample of the new teeth is then mande using temporary composite material and this state is transferred to your teeth without grinding.  In this way you can see what the final work will look and feel like while the oportunity for modifications is completely open. Only when we are satisfied with the design can the final veneers be made.

  3. Preparing of the teeth and impression taking.

  4. Trial of the final veneers and final corrections

  5. Permanent gluing of the ceramic veneers.

A perfect smile is different for each individual. It is this individuality that makes a person unique. Fundamental characteristic of all beautiful smiles are healthy gums and teeth.

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