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Accurate diagnostics is crucial for successful therapy.


In our office we use a modern dental imaging device - Planmeca Promax -, which provides quality 2D and 3D dental images.

2D dental imaging allows us to assess in general the condition of your teeth and jaw.


The probability of setting the right diagnosis is drastically increased while using a 3D (CBCT) image, simply because we have much more information. It allows us to plan our work more accurately and foresee the final outcome.

In a few minutes you receive your dental image on DVD. We will analyse and explain the findings in the image and discuss all potential problems, so you can easily see and understand the situation.

When do we mostly use 3D dental image:

  • To determine the quantity and quality of the bone in the site where we plan to insert dental implants , so we can choose the optimal implant for that site

  • Orientation and positioning of teeth and the mandibular nerve. In case of surgical removal of wisdom tooth that is near to the mandibular nerve, a 3D dental image is required for attaining safety.

  • Visualisation of granuloma, cyst and other inflammatory processes in the jaw

  • Anatomy of the root canal system - very important in re-treatments and complex endodontic treatments

  • Diagnostics of sinus problems in relevance to the teeth

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