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Professional cleaning

After ultrasonic removel of dental calculus above and below the gums, we thoroughly polish all dental surfaces. Sandblasting is used only when necessary. With individual trainings together we achieve the correct cleaning technique and determine which tools you need for optimal hygiene. This will prevent dental calculus formation in the future and you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums and a shining smile.


Enamel protection therapy

There are different ways to protect teeth with damaged enamel, depending on where and to what degree the damage is. One option is application of mineralizing gels that you can use at home. We can do a procedure where special mineralizing coat is placed to repare enamel and prevent sensibility. If the damage is more extensive, it is necessary to protect the tooth with a ceramic veneer or a crown. During individual trainings we will guide you to optimal dental hygiene and proper nutrition.


Fissure sealing

Fissure sealing is a preventive minimally invasive procedure in which very deep groves of the tooth are filled with a liquid composite. This is a very simple, short and completely painless procedure that is highly effective in caries prevention.


Nutrition consulting

Often overlooked but a very important factor on which tooth and gum health depends is proper nutrition. It is important to know which foods to avoid when and why. We point out the harmful habits and propose a solution. Each of us is different, so an individual approach here is the key to success.


Regular check up control visits

We provide for all our patients regular free of charge check-ups. This personal approach is at the heart of our practice and is our way to respond to your trust.

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