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We stand behind every dental service me provide. We support the quality of our work with 100% warranty.
The durability of dental work, in functional and aesthetic point of view, largely depends on the conditions in the oral cavity, which are different and specific for each patient. This is why the warranty is always individualized.


All dental procedures are painless and anesthesia is free of charge.

The price list presents the prices of some of the most common services.




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In 2017, I successfully completed my studies in dental medicine at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. Since then, I have been consistently attending professional development courses both in Slovenia and abroad.


In my professional practice, I prioritize precision, reliability, and expertise. However, my utmost focus lies in establishing a strong patient-provider relationship and nurturing mutual trust, as I believe these are pivotal components of success in dentistry.

Anja Mesec

Dr. Dent. Med.

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